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Superlife - by Darin Olien

I watched “Down to Earth” on Netflix, back in 2020, and discovered this amazing man, superfood hunter and environmental activist! Season 2 coming out in couple of days (can’t wait!). Darin shows you exactly what to do, step by step, to live healthy, fit and eternally awesome by 5 simple fixes:

📌 Nutrition

📌 Detoxification

📌 Oxygenation

📌 hydration

📌 Alkalization

Superlife is your kick start to live your best life today, tomorrow, and on into the future!

How Not to Die - by Dr. Michael Greger

This book reveals with scientific evidence that simple changes in diet and lifestyle can prevent and reverse most premature deaths and add years to your life.

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You Are a Badass - by Jen Sincero

These books are super easy to read, funny and give great advice and stories. It will help you understand that you need to accept what you can't change and how to change what you don't love, basically how to be a Badass!

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Mindset - by Carol S. Dweck 

Some books give perspective. This book is mind changing. Absolutely loved it.

People with a fixed mindset believe their abilities are fixed, thus they prefer to stay in their comfort zone and focus on validating and proving themselves. Those with a growth mindset focus on learning.

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The case against sugar - by Gary Taubes 

It’s scary! The power of the lobbies in the food industry over our own health. 
Gary Taubes takes a historical approach toward sugar to explain how the westernization of diets makes us very sick(cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s …). It can have long-lasting genetic altercations across generations.

This book is a powerful tool against misinformation. Our generation should question what we are putting on our plates. We are getting sick because of over-consumption of sugar and lacking the right nutrition.

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Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy - By Mo Gawdat

First of all, this book is so inspiring and wonderful, it made me cry! Mo tells us, through his own story, the best ways to create and maintain happiness. 

To avoid the traps of unhappiness, we must dissipate the six illusions that obscure our thinking (the illusion of time, control, and fear), overcome the seven deadly flaws of the brain (the habit of exaggerating, labelling, and filtering), and embrace five truths (change is real, the present is real, unconditional love is real). 
From Google Books.

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Listen - by Kathryn Mannix 

Everyone should read this book! 
I recognised myself in some of the stories and it's very instructive. 
I'll certainly act differently while discussing delicate subjects. 
Beautiful book with so much wisdom and tenderness.

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Fatal Conveniences: The Toxic Products and Harmful Habits That Are Making You Sick―and the Simple Changes That Will Save Your Health

All our industries are frightening, not caring if what they produce makes people sick for profit, it's just unbelievable. This book make us realised how simple changes can save our lives.

Highly recommended!

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Closer to Love: How to Attract the Right Relationships and Deepen Your Connections - Vex King

Based on his personal experience of healing from heartbreak and finding lasting love, Vex King offers practical guidelines. 
This book takes us on a journey of self-love to experience authentic connection by understanding how we love and the role we play in our relationships as a result of our emotions and past traumas. It gives us the keys to developing healthy habits and boundaries for meaningful and lasting partnerships.

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This book is a real wake-up call! 

It is terrifying to see how the food industry and big business influence us through green washing marketing campaigns and harm us. It exposes the alarming dominance of ultra-processed foods in today's diets. It reveals the hidden consequences of these foods on our health, our environment, and explores solutions to transform our current food culture.

"Ultra-Processed People is a must-read!

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The Diary of a CEO: The 33 Laws of Business and Life - Steven Bartlett

The Diary of a CEO: The 33 Laws of Business and Life is a book written by Steven Bartlett, a successful British entrepreneur and podcaster.

In the book, Steven Bartlett shares his personal experiences and insights from talking to successful entrepreneurs and CEOs to propose 33 laws that can help readers achieve their goals in business and life.

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How Not To Diet: The Groundbreaking Science of Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss. - Dr. Michael Greger

To summarise, this book details how a plant-based diet can help a major health issue in the United States, obesity. 
Dr. Greger describes seventeen steps for an optimal weight loss journey ad for instance; High in fiber-rich food, anti-inflammatory, low in added fat, sugar, and addictive food. Plus, he explained the different boosters that could help.
Finally, he listed his 21 tweaks for extra health benefits.

This book is full of actionable advice to live a simple, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.

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Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ - by Giulia Enders

Both funny and informative book about how our gut works. Giulia reveal through the latest science how much our digestive system is an important and complex part of our body; it can play a part in allergies, obesity, depression and even Alzheimer’s.

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The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment - by Eckhart Tolle

The Bestselling spiritual book of the last 20 years. A wonderful book that helps to understand that the power of now is a mindful approach towards living in the moment, living the Now. It will help balance your life by overcoming thoughts of your past and the future and focusing on the present moment.

The now is the key to find deep inner peace.

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Good vide, good life - by Vex King - How self love is the key to unlocking your greatness. 

This book helps you to transform negative emotions into positives ones, the secret? Self love. Change the way you think, speak, talk and the world around will change; we attract what we desire. And finally, trust you gut! It will be worth it. 

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life - By Mark Manson. 

If you are looking for an honest, direct talk about self improvement in life, that’s the book I will recommend! It gives you some positive ways to deal with issues and give us a different perspective. Mark Manson teaches us to let most of the things go as they are not that worthy and focus on what truly matters.

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Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day - Jay Shetty

An extraordinary, empowering book! Think Like a Monk reveals how to overcome negative thoughts and habits, and access the calm and purposefulness that lies within us.

The lessons monks learn, Jay turns into tips and exercises we can all apply to reduce stress, improve relationships, increase self-discipline, and give the world the gifts we find within ourselves, our dharma.

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8 Rules of Love: How to Find It, Keep It, and Let It Go - Jay Shetty

I was looking forward to reading his second book. It did not disappoint, it is very easy to read, and it gives great advices and reflexions on how to communicate with people we love! 

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Steve Jobs

A fascinating man, a visionary who changed the world with Apple. He is the best marketer of all time and teaches us that failure should never stop you.

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Exercised: Why Something We Never Evolved to Do Is Healthy and Rewarding - Daniel Lieberman

In Exercised, palaeoanthropologist and evolutionary biologist Daniel E. Lieberman explains the 12 myths surrounding physical exercise.

We didn't evolve to run marathons, go jogging and so on. Nor did we evolve to sit around all day. You don't stop moving because you get older. We age because we stop moving.

Lieberman also gives us an insight into the impact of physical exercise on modern diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's and cancer.

Lieberman concludes: "Make exercise necessary and fun. Do mostly cardio, but also weight training. A little is better than none. Continue to exercise as you get older.

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Glucose Revolution: The Life-Changing Power of Balancing Your Blood Sugar
- Jessie Inchauspé

Drawing on the latest science and her own pioneering research, biochemist Jessie Inchauspé offers ten simple and surprising tips to help you balance your glucose levels and reverse your symptoms, without going on a diet or giving up the foods you love.

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"On Fire: The Case for the Green New Deal" by Naomi Klein is a powerful call to action for a more sustainable world.

"On Fire" by Naomi Klein is a powerful that explores the political challenges posed by the climate crisis. It delves into the conflict between ecology and our culture of short-term profit, and highlights the urgent need for action in face of grave threats. Published in 2019, the book captures the fiery energy of a rising political movement demanding a Green New Deal, making it a must-read for anyone concerned about the future of our planet.

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