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From fragile beginnings to a successful transformation:
my journey to putting health first.

As I reflect on my journey, it's clear that every step I have taken has enabled me to improve my health and rewrite my story. Born to a premature twin, I was faced with challenges right from the start. But little did I know that these initial difficulties would become the basis of a transformative journey that would shape my perspective on life.

Growing up, I didn't fully understand the importance of my fragile health. Like many young adults, I had a lifestyle that prioritised convenience over well-being: fast food, little or no exercise and smoking. Even though I knew deep down that my choices were harmful, I continued to neglect myself.


However, it wasn't until I was 29 that a profound realisation hit me: I had to put my health first. The fear of mortality was in the back of my mind, constantly reminding me that my body deserved better than the disregard it had endured for so long. It was time to turn things around and make some changes.

With determination, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I started by committing to regular gym classes with a friend. But my journey didn't stop there. Inspired by a desire to nourish my body from the inside out, I took up the Veganuary challenge - a month-long commitment to a vegan diet. What started as a temporary experiment quickly turned into a permanent and sustainable lifestyle change. As I explored new plant-based recipes, I felt a profound shift in my physical and emotional well-being.

The results were incredible. In just a few months I lost 26 pounds, but more importantly I gained a new sense of vitality and purpose in my life! 

Looking for advice on how to optimise your health as a woman in your 30s and 40s, while helping your children to get the nutrition they need? Join me to start your journey towards a healthier family today.

The idea is simple: maintain good habits for the rest of your life by knowing what your body needs to feel its best (optimal health, energy boost, weight loss and vitality). 


My program offers a flexible approach to nutrition, focusing on nutrient-rich foods while limiting ultra-processed ones—for both you and your children.
Discover the life-changing power of a plant-based diet - take control of your health now!


If this sounds right for you and you're ready to make some changes, get in touch!


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